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The Reason for Eco-Pros

The Importance of Providing Educational Opportunities
The importance of providing educational resources for our youth cannot be underestimated.  They must be well-prepared to meet the challenges of the future in order to find equitable and sustainable solutions to the needs and the health of an expanding world population.  This must be accomplished while maintaining Earth's natural life-supporting systems and the protection of biodiversity and natural resources on our planet.  Currently we see many natural ecosystems being degraded, and along with that the endangering of important species in the web of life.  We suffer from poor air quality, diminishing water supplies, increased pollution, and the tremendous concerns about global warming.  We wonder how enough food and medical care can be provided to all people.   The challenges of the future will be daunting, so young people throughout the world must have every opportunity to gain the knowledge and educational foundation they will need to have a healthy and happy life.

Education is not just for the young.  Learning is a life-long experience and necessary to solve existing problems, prevent further problems, and enhance quality of life for all.

Eco-Pros Visitors and Their Quest for Information (scroll down for visitors Comments)
Eco-Pros has been providing valuable educational information and resources online since 1998, free of charge.  Our website visitors come in all ages, from countries all over the world (large and small, developed and developing).   Many websites provide links to Eco-Pros to help their visitors find information in their quest for knowledge and online resources.  Eco-Pros is listed and linked as a beneficial online resource by public schools, private schools, home-based schools, colleges/universities, libraries, federal/state/local government agencies, environmental groups, and in educational materials.  Eco-Pros is listed as a companion website for published educational textbooks.  Our information is presented by educators as a resource to support teacher-created lessons and study programs.  We see and hear from students and educators from elementary through college level and beyond.  We have visitors from government agencies; environmental organizations; the fields of technology, science, agriculture, social services, recycling, pollution control, transportation, publishers, environmental consultants, and many others involved in trying to help improve and maintain a healthy environment and sustainable living.  Eco-Pros is also visited by a wide range of businesses (both environmentally-conscious and those looking for ways to operate with less harmful impact on the environment). 

The Reason for Our Visitors
We can all learn from each other - We can all help each other.  This is the reason for Eco-Pros'  existence on the Web.

Eco-Pros is ranked in the top level for science, education and the environment on many educational sites and on search engines.  Below are some of the comments made pertaining to Eco-Pros, and informational sources where Eco-Pros has been cited.
Comments about Eco-Pros on other websites:

"Great links for Ecology."  "Teacher Resources - Eco-Pros brings us a list of extensive resources dealing with ecological and environmental news." (L.A. County Office of Education Teacher Resources-Ecology, Ecosystems, Life Cycles)

"FULL of links and resources to help you better understand the ecology of lakes, environmental effects on our water resources and information on water conservation and protection. Teacher Resources available." (project of Indiana University on Marine Resources)

"A huge site on environmental issues. Looks at the problems of disappearing habitat, ecosystem management, waste management, and much, much more. Excellent." (Cumberland County, Atlantic County, and Central Jersey  schools resource center, NJ)

"Find out about amazing facts on human impact on oceans, toxins, and much more as you explore this site  ( for environmental education on the web. It is designed primarily for kids, but the features and articles are good reading for any grade. There are also handy tips on what you can do to help protect the environment and ideas on how you can start an ecology club in your neighbourhood. Visit the resources given on the Ecology and great Links pages to know more about this science."   (WWF - one of the world's largest and most respected independent global conservation organizations)

"Excellent site for class discussions." (

"Good resource pertaining to Wetlands" (Webquest for high school)

Best of Earth Sciences resources.  "All ages, teachers too."  (Jasper Municipal Library, Jasper, Alberta, Canada -  Great Homework Websites)

"This one has tons of information regarding environmental ecology." (Cal State Long Beach Science Dept)

“An educational but alarming site about the state our planet is in, including the loss of plant and animal species, air pollution, global warming and more. The site explains what’s happening and why, and what we can do to stop it. There are lots of links to other ecology sites, as well as sections on specific ecological topics.”  (Naples NY Jr/Sr High Library)

"An excellent Site, which lists ways you can help the environment."  (Student Ecology Club, Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools, Virginia)

"Human Impact on Oceans – Visit this web site to learn about the impact human beings have on oceans – from oil spills, to dredging, to other forms of pollution."  (The NASA SCIence Files, The Case of the Ocean Odyssey, Segment 4.) 

"A good overview of the invasive plant issue, in addition to many links to more information." (National Biological Information Infrastructure - NBII and USGS)

"Recommended because of its effort to present numerous links to the websites on various issues related to environment. This would be the first site for K-12 teachers to visit in order to find websites on particular issues relevant to environment. Topics and materials included in this site are a list of links to the websites on various issues such as the blue planet, grasslands and prairies, sky watch, endangered species, third from the sun, genetic engineering and much more, and links to education in the news . Start by "Tips for Kids" since it explains how your students should learn environmental issues through websites and other resources. It is also recommended to start with "Teacher Resources" since it provides links to the websites presenting reference material for teaching."  (Ohio State University, College of Education -, re Global Environmental Systems)

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Listed/quoted in published works:

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"Ecodestruction and the Right to Food:  The Cases of Water and Biodiversity" (June 2002)

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