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Ask a Scientist - Scientists have answered 18,000 questions that have come from all over the planet. You will find them in their Archives section by putting key search words or short phrases into their search engine.  Or you can search by special topics:  Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Computer, General Science Topics, Engineering, Environmental and Earth Science, Materials Science, Mathematics, Molecular Biology, Physics, Veterinary, Weather and Zoology.  If you can't find what you are looking for, you may Ask a Scientist.  Before you do that, be sure and read the information on How to Ask a Question (they aren't going to do your homework for you). 
Audubon - Birds, marine life, science, ecology, habitat, bird population, conservation, invasive species, threats to species, trees, environmental education/groups/law/governmental agencies
Australian Environment Portal
Main environmental topics: Atmosphere, Biodiversity, Coasts and Oceans, Environment Protection, Heritage, Inland Waters, Land. 
Awesome Library - Over 26,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the
top 5 percent in education.
BBC Online Education -
    Schools Resources for pre-school thru 16 yrs, teachers and parent
    Science News
    Science and Discovery
    Science and Nature
Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server - Lists of links to websites pertaining to Botany, Herpetology, Invertebrates, Entomology, Ichthyology, Mammalogy, Mycology and Microbiology, Ornithology, Biological Societies, Biologist Directories and Publications, General Biodiversity, Geology and Earth Sciences, Natural History and Biological Museums.
(University of New Orleans website - post-hurricane restoration is underway)
Bird Links - Nature photographer Robert Winkler's list of bird resources online. 
Bird Links to the World Interactive (BirdLife International) Scroll down to see links
Books Available Online (eBooks, or electronic books)
The Online Books Page - Currently:  Access to 20,000 books freely available over the Internet.  Search listings by name, new listings, authors, titles, subjects, serials.  Featured prize-winning books (Newbery Award, Nobel Prize and the Pulitzer Prize), Classics.

Project Gutenberg - Browse through thousands of book listings, searchable database, search by language, view Top 100 recently downloaded, hear audio ebooks.  Also available:  Digitized public domain sheet music (i.e., Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Haydn, Mozart, Saint-Saens, Schubert, Schumann).
Botany and Taxonomy Resource Links - From California Native Plant Society
Botany Online (in English and German)
Botany Resource Links
(University of New Orleans website - post-hurricane restoration is underway)

CalFlora - Information about native and introduced wild plants in California.  Database contains geographic and ecological distribution information for California vascular plant taxa, as well as additional habitat information for rare taxa and species of the Sierra Nevada.  Registration fees for educators and students is nominal.

California Native Plant Society - 6th Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants
Most recent Inventory data from CNPS, published in 2001.  Searchable database contains thumbnail illustrations, maps, a variety of search tools, and links to additional information.  Information regarding changes since publication is available onsite.
Directory of "Best Environmental Directories"
Also available in Français| Nederlands| Italiano| Deutsch - For parents, teachers and students.  Lesson plans, teaching tools, TV programs, curriculum center, homework helpers, challenging Brain Boosters and activities.  Newsletter, Custom Classroom, and special teacher promotions are available for signing up (it's free).
Earth's Guardians
Ecology WWW Page
Ecosustainable Hub - Sustainable living without compromising the future.  Environmental and sustainability links.  Also see their Search page for links to regional and world search engines and informational directories and encyclopedias.
Education Planet - Select a category or conduct a search.  Narrow your search by clicking or "unclicking" various sources (such as websites, lesson plans, maps, etc.)  "Unclick" those you are not interested in.
Educator's Toolkit -  Themes and Mini-Themes are categorized as Topics that will help with class studies. 
Just for Kids
EElink - Links to resources pertaining to environmental education.  Searchable database, or select by topic.
Encarta (Microsoft Network) - Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Atlas, Homework, College, Grad, Online Degrees, Career Training. Scroll down for Homework Help and a variety of weekly and monthly highlights.  Searchable indexes.
Encyclopaedia Britannica Online -  Browse through or conduct a search for information.  Also see highlights and news. (some information free, other is by subscription service) - Click on letter of alphabet and browse through subjects, or type in a search word.
Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment
Choose language and then a subject from the Topic Tree  (Acid Rain, Air Quality, Atmosphere, Climate, Ozone Depletion, Global Warming, Weather). Click on Bart Simpson for young person's text, and on Mr. Burns for the more technical information.  Also contains a large list of resource Links. Provided in English or Français.
(Atmosphere, Climate and Environment Information Programme, UK)
Encyclopedia of Sustainable Development

Enter and choose a main subject from the Topic Tree (Earth and Man, Principles, Environment, Resources, Society, Economy, Indicators, Action, Doing Our Bit)
(Atmosphere, Climate and Environment Information Programme,  UK)
Entomology/Biology  - Web links about Entomology and other Biological Topics
Entomology and Invertebrate Zoology Resource Links - Insects and other  Invertebrates (without backbones)
(University of New Orleans website - post-hurricane restoration is underway)
Entomology Resource Links- Insect resources
EnviroLink Library  - Environmental resources by topic, environmental news, search function.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Enforcement and Compliance History Online
Use ECHO to retrieve data to determine whether compliance inspections have been conducted by EPA or state/local governments, violations were detected, enforcement actions were taken and penalties were assessed in response to environmental law violations.
European Union Environment
Fact Sheets from South Africa - Conservation and environmental issues.  Also click on "Previously on 50/50," "Bush Buzz," and "Semaka" (see archives)
Global Change Master Directory (NASA)
Online card catalog of data sets covering just about every scientific area of global change research.  Agriculture, atmosphere, biosphere, climate indicators, cryosphere, human dimensions, hydrosphere, land surface, oceans, paleoclimate, radiance/imagery, solar/terrestrial interactions, solid earth, sun/earth interactions, earth science links, learning center and much more.
Global Network of Environment and Technology (GNET) contains information resources of interest to the environmental technology community.
Herpetology Resource Links - reptiles and amphibians resources
(University of New Orleans website - post-hurricane restoration is underway)
Hot Links to Science Subjects  (Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning)
Ichthyology Biological Profiles (Florida Museum of Natural History)
Photos and information on fishes, including:  taxonomy, common names, geographical distribution, habitat, biological information, importance to humans, danger to humans, and conservation.
Ichthyology Resource Links - fish resources
(University of New Orleans website - post-hurricane restoration is underway)
International Plant Names Index - The International Plant Names Index (IPNI) is a database of the names and associated basic bibliographical details of all seed plants.
Internet Directory for Botany - Index to botanical information available online.
    Alphabetical list
Internet Public Library - KidSpace at The Internet Public Library offers major informational resources in the categories of:  Reference materials, The World, Computers/Internet, Health and Nutrition, Reading Zone, Math and Science, Art and Music, Sports and Recreation, Fun Stuff, and Teachers and Parents.  Easily find in-depth info on the Presidents of the United States (POTUS) and a multitude of facts about each state.  The Science Fair section leads you through the process to complete a science experiment for a science fair.
KidsClick! - Web search for kids by librarians of over 600 subjects.  Main categories are:  Facts and Reference, Science and Math, The Arts, Weird and Mysterious, Health and Family, Popular Entertainments, Religion and Mythology, Home and Household, Sports and Recreation, Society and Government, Machines and Transportation, Literature, Readin/Writing/Speaking, Computers/The Internet, and  Geography/History/Biography.  Search for Lessons, Pictures, Sounds, Words and Web Sites for Kids.  Search for information on a topic.
Lepidoptera (caterpillars, butterflies, moths, skippers)
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Main page   Searchable index to sites evaluated by librarians.  Click here to go straight to Science and Technology subjects - approximately 60 exciting subjects currently - or go to main page.
Sites featured on are hand-selected and reviewed by their editorial team for quality, content and utility.
Libweb - Library Servers via WWW
Updated daily and currently lists over 7,200 pages from libraries in over 125 countries.  Search function to find library location, type, name or other info.  Links to U.S. Libraries: Academic, Public, National, Library Organizations, State, Regional Consortia, Special, and School.  Other countries links for:  Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Asia, Australia/New Zealand/the Pacific, Canada, Mexico/the Caribbean/Central America/South America. Other links: Canadian Library Index, Nordic Libraries, UK Higher Ed and Research, Australian Libraries Gateway, School Libraries on the Web, and lib-web-cats.
Mammalogy Resource Links - warm-blooded vertebrates (have spinal columns).  Humans are mammals.
(University of New Orleans website - post-hurricane restoration is underway)
Martindale's "The Reference Desk"
Visit this site and you'll be browsing through it for a long time, reading all sorts of interesting (and some mind-boggling) information. 
MavicaNET - Multilingual net-based search system.  Search  directories in the following 30 languages:
Belarusian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian (cyr.), Serbian (lat.), Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

(Choose language and then double-click category of interest.  Shortcuts to:
Sciences and Humanities
Mineral Gallery Rock Hounds will dig this site
National Library of Australia - Science and Technology
Databases:  Agriculture, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Computing, Engineering, Environment, Food Science, Forestry, Health and Medicine, Mathematics, Military Science, Patents, Physics, Science, Standards, Transport.

Other NLA indexes and databases
Nearctica - The natural world of North America.  Large searchable database of online resources pertaining to the natural world
NOAA (Nat'l Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
Ornithology Resource Links - Links to information about birds
(University of New Orleans website - post-hurricane restoration is underway)
Photosynthesis and the Web: 2005

     Kindergarten to Grade 12 Educational Sites related to photosynthesis.
Plants Database (U.S. Dept of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service)
U.S. national plant database.  Information about and images of vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories.  Includes names, plant symbols, checklists, distributional data, species abstracts, characteristics, plant links, references, crop information and automated tools.  Specialized areas, such as invasive/noxious species, plants that have cultural significance, fact sheets, threatened and endangered, wetland indicators (estimated probabilities of a species occurring in wetlands), distribution maps, scientific data/exchange/tools, and much more.
Plant Disease - Distance Diagnostics and Identification System
Plant disease diagnosis available online using digital cameras. (University of Florida - DDIS).  The system allows users to submit digital samples obtained in the field for rapid diagnosis and identification of pests, plants, diseases, insects, and animals, and interactions between agents and specialists.
Proceedings of the Royal Society - United Kingdom's independent national academy of science.
Science Magazine Subject Collections
Browse through the lists of subjects under Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and other subjects and topics and select among thousands of articles to read which were published in Science Magazine from 1995 to the present.
Search engine with over 20 million university and education pages indexed
Smart Communities Network - U.S. Dept. of Energy/Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Information to help communities adopt sustainable development as a strategy for well-being.  Topics in Sustainability include:  Green buildings, green development, land use planning, measuring progress, disaster planning, community energy, transportation, sustainable business, financing, rural issues, and resource efficiency of air/water/materials.
Smithsonian Encyclopedia
The Environment Web Directory
The Essential Guide to Rocks (BBC Education)
Links to information on general geology, palaeontology, volcano/plate tectonics, and other resources, such as The Geologist's Code .
The Virtual Library of Ecology and Biodiversity  (Rice University)
The White House Council on Environmental Quality
The CEQ serves as the principal environmental policy adviser to the President,  reports annually to the President on the state of the environment, and oversees federal agency implementation of the environmental impact assessment process.  Before federal agencies make decisions, they must consider the effects of their actions on the quality of the human environment.

Units of Measurement (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/Russ Rowlett)
History, explanation, commentary regarding numbers and units.  Includes definitions, traditional units, scientific units, relationships, conversion factors, abbreviations, symbols, rules, metric prefixes, binary prefixes, spelling of units in various languages, decimal  markers,  names for large numbers, cross-referencing links, international controversies, links to related sites, and much more.  Main page contains search function for dictionary, and contents of site (scroll down). 
High quality, relevant, educational resources for university students, industry professionals and the general public.  Directory categories:  Business Environment, Education and Teaching, Health Sciences, Humanities, Information Technology, Law and Legal Studies, Life Sciences, Maths and Engineering, Medical Sciences, Molecular Sciences, Physical Sciences, Universities and Colleges.  Includes career information and employment resources.
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
  Biological Resources - By Geographic Region
  Other Sites of Interest - By Geographic Region
  Other Sites of Interest -- By Taxonomic Category (scientific class.)
Birds, fishes, habitats, invertebrates, mammals, plants, reptiles and amphibians.
U.S. Global Change Research Information Office (main page)
  Links to sites on the Web for global change data and information pertaining to biodiversity, climate change, climate data, deforestation/land use, El Nino/La Nina, energy, glaciers, global warming, greenhouse gases, oceans, ozone depletion, paleoclimate, sea level rise, weather. 
  Ask Dr. Global Change Question and Answer Archive
Weights and Measures - Common equivalents (College of Chemistry, U.C. Berkeley)
Wikipedia - free online encyclopedia
Yahooligans Web Guide for Kids

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